Purva Orient Grand Apartment in Bangalore

You'll never have to go more than ten feet from home and still have all the conveniences of modern life! The best part is that no matter what you're looking for, it's in this mall! You'll find over 100 retail shops and restaurants on site with services ranging from pedicures and hair salons to car services and clothes stores. Not only can you find anything you're looking for in our centrally located mall, but you can also have fun while doing it at our indoor theme park and movie theater!

With cameras watching over everything to keep it safe and secure, your home feels like a safe haven in this pristine town. Have peace of mind that your living space will be protected from intruders with the added bonus of round-the-clock video recording to capture any movements!

If you're looking for a safe place to invest your money, don't miss out on a chance to live in this Purva community.

It's time to move on up! Find your perfect home in our sleek design with the high-end features of your dreams, like our luxury amenities like a children's play area and private gardens for a relaxing escape from the city hustle and bustle.

Live your dream lifestyle at Purva Orient Grand! With outdoor parks and tree-lined streets you'll feel like you're on vacation every day. When you purchase a home at the prestigious new Purva community from the Purva Group, you can enjoy the best of the newest and greatest technology! Our exclusive access to the latest products will keep you on the cutting edge for years to come.

Get in on the craze! This excellent property has amenities for all tastes! Watch your little ones play on the swimming pool, dance it out in the fitness center, play a game or two at the table tennis court, or relax on the lounge furniture in the courtyard.

Would you like a house where you can swim, play badminton, play table tennis, or play snooker?

Living life to the fullest at a peaceful location will give you plenty to be thankful for! Join a community that offers tennis, badminton, snooker, table tennis, a swimming pool, and more!

A place where you can work out and party, all in one! With amenities that include a full service gym, spa, party hall, and convenience store, Imagine what the day could be like with friends, family, or co-workers in this one-stop entertainment center! There's not just fitness, but events, games, and so much more waiting for you!

Purva Group knows that it's now or never for some people looking for their new home! Imagine waking up every day in an amazing place you'll fall in love with and can call your own! You deserve that with so many terrible things happening in the world, and we want to help you!

When you're sick and tired of all these diseases going around and want to move out of your old house before the rent goes up even more, come to the beautiful Purva Orient Grand area and live in our beautiful houses that are within your budget. In a tough market where properties are hard to come by, Purva Group provides luxurious new construction homes at Lalbagh!

Before long, we'll know just how much these new apartments at Purva Orient Grand will cost. But for now, here's what you should know: Apartments start at Rs. 4.5 Crores.

The launch date for our new housing development is finally here! For only a fraction of what an apartment costs elsewhere, we're giving you all-inclusive living with a hefty dose of luxury. We're very excited for the launch of Purva Orient Grand! The affordable apartments with so many perks won't disappoint!

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In today's unpredictable world, owning a home is one of the best ways to protect your assets from unpredictable events--whether it's as a rental property or as a place to call home.

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