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Providing world-class residential units for your budgets, this renowned real estate company has been building landmarks for decades! Developing landmarks all over India that change the skyline, this real estate company covers a variety of sectors such as residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality. With their work developing many landmark buildings across South India, we're proud to serve their residents with apartments for every need.

They've completed over 70 million square feet of developed space through their rich, diverse portfolio which includes more than 250 buildings. Purva is Bangalore’s leading developer with high quality, sustainable, and innovative residential, commercial, and entertainment projects in Bangalore and South India.

Here at Puravankara, we've built everything from apartment communities to giant skyscrapers - residential towers in major metropolitan areas. We understand the complexity of every development process, which is why we're committed to always offering the highest-quality development services in the industry.

Welcome to Purva Orient Grand , where living has never been this easy!

The Purva Group takes on more responsibility than just building new homes. They look to find innovative ways to alleviate the need for low-income housing by providing high-quality homes to those with moderate incomes. Learn more about how they’re changing the landscape and building new futures at Purva!

The Purva Group of Companies delivers accessible living to people across India with its signature brand, Purva Orient Grand.

It has been made possible for you to enjoy your retirement without worrying about anything, by providing for you and your family for years to come!

It has grown to become one of the largest developers in South India with a wide range of both affordable and luxurious housing options.

Real Estate developers have come a long way, and this company's goal is to create communities where you're proud to call home.

Over 3 decades ago, Purva Group developed into one of India's most successful real estate developers. Now they have a new branch called Puravankara that provides housing solutions to the people who need it most.

With over 30 years of experience developing quality homes for people across India, Purva is committed to providing its customers with a trustworthy team and environment.

The Purva Group have been developing buildings for over 30 years. And in 2008, the Puravankara Group created a subsidiary called Provident Housing to help people buy a home that suits their needs.

When you step inside this newly built townhouse community, you'll feel as if you've stepped into your own personal haven. Living in Purva Orient Grand? You'll be able to shop, work, eat, sleep, and play within the same set of buildings! With world-class amenities, Purva Orient Grand offers a serene suburban experience at the edge of an exciting metropolis.

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