Purva Orient Grands Bangalore


Master Plan

Come home to a neighbourhood where you'll always find what you're looking for! With shops all around you, don't think twice about going out of your way to find something! Purva Orient Grand will serve as the spine of our town with commercial businesses on one side and residential dwellings on the other. On the west entrance side of town will be the planned Forum Mall, a one-stop shop for everything you need!

Purva Orient Grand is more than just an apartment - it's the lifeblood pumping through it! With the proposed Forum Mall at its core, it will create a stunning destination for shoppers, entrepreneurs, entertainment-seekers, and all sorts of everyday people. Purva Orient Grand, a picturesque community with beautiful apartments to choose from. Take a walk and be mesmerized by just how beautiful it is. How it looks like at sunrise or how vibrant its swimming pool is at dusk. Make your decision quick because there are only a few available flats left!

Why wait to find your dream home? Explore our luxury homes today! Every modern amenity awaits at Purva Orient Grand located near Lalbagh. With beautifully crafted homes that accommodate every lifestyle and budget, this location brings your dreams closer to reality. In addition to beautiful green spaces, walking trails, and other recreational areas, your new home at Purva Orient Grand is situated within easy walking distance from all the conveniences you could possibly need. Think of your dream home. Is it a three bedroom ranch with a spacious master bedroom with a bathtub? If so, you'll find that perfect home at Purva Orient Grand with its well-appointed living room and custom family room, kitchen with Italian marble countertops, and 8 other options. With only 850 custom home options available, now's your chance to live luxuriously close to an open green space.

Dream your perfect home now at Purva Orient Grand! No matter what you're looking for, this impressive residential property has it all! With 809 impeccably designed acres ready for you to build your future on, you can be sure you're buying into a property with a luxurious suburban lifestyle unlike any other! Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity awaits you at Purva Orient Grand - the premium-segment plotted development. At 808 well-crafted plots with stunning natural scenery, you'll have everything you need within your grasp!

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