Before You Buy a House in Bangalore: 7 Important Documents to Check

When you’re thinking about buying a house in Bangalore, it’s important to not only consider the size, the cost and the location of your new home – but also its legal state. Understanding what documents you need and double-checking to make sure they are all in order will save you many headaches later on, so don’t skip this step! Here’s our list of seven documents you must check before you buy a house in Bangalore.

The Mother Deed

You can find the past owners of a property in the mother deed, which is an important document. To ensure that the property is legally clear, banks ask for a copy of the mother deed when you apply for a loan.
Mother deeds can be obtained by visiting the office of the zonal registrar that owns the house and paying the required fee.

Sale Deed

In the deed of sale, it documents that you purchased the property from the seller, and once registered, it acts as your proof of ownership. It is mandatory to register a sale deed within four months of its execution, according to prevailing law.

Encumbrance Certificate

You can obtain an encumbrance certificate if there are any legal proceedings or uncleared loans or mortgages on a property. It is evidence of ownership and free of encumbrances.

Construction Approvals

The building plan must be approved by the local municipal or metropolitan authorities before a property can be built. For water and power, you should also verify the necessary approvals from the local electricity, sewage, and fire department.

Completion and Possession Certificate

More commonly known as the certification of completion, this document states that the construction of a property project has been completed to a suitable standard and also contains any further necessary regulatory checks for completeness. In contrast to the possession letter, a confirmation letter from the developer states that you can take possession of the property.

Occupancy Certificate

One other thing is that the Occupancy Certificate is a letter from the Regional Municipal Authority stating that the project is fit for occupation and other penalties will apply if you do not receive an OC.

Khata Certificate

Khatas are documents used by the revenue department to keep track of all information regarding a property, including its size, location, and built-up area. For a home loan and for electricity and water supply to your home, a Khata certificate is essential. 5 Elements Realty has decades of experience in delivering world-class projects. For a first-hand look at our portfolio

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